Retail management software & hardware

When consumers' expectations change faster than the company changes, they will not be able to rely on scattered or outdated data to make daily decisions that affect results. But gaining richer, timely insights is easier than it sounds when you’re weighed down by system-crushing volumes of data. With Evondata you have the power to create seamless customer experiences from all your data and deliver the personalized service your customers expect and demand. That’s why hundreds of retail and companies trust Evondata to solve their data challenges and enable their organizations to become truly data-driven.
Evondata Retail Solution is a leading national provider of retail management software and hardware. Evondata will make everyday life easier for those who sell products, services and experience, offering reliable, convenient and easy-to-use payment solutions. Do you need a cash register system or a complete operating solution? Evondata systems are characterized by their rich functionality, excellent flexibility and ease of use.

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