Few marketing organizations with 360-degree customer knowledge can offer the vast majority of sales opportunities in the industry. These leaders introduce data-driven strategies, processes, and applications to reach the right lead with the right information at the right time. It sounds simple, but why is it so for most marketing teams?
Evondata consulting helps companies transform the way they do business. Evondata helps our clients achieve competitive advantage through a fusion of business, customer and technology strategies and an explicit linkage of critical issues to actions and results. Evondata continuous development of today's content and content consumers, so advertisers, and multimedia and entertainment service providers must respond to highly personalized content and experiences. However, obtaining information about audience preferences while meeting consumer privacy requirements is only one of two obstacles that content providers must meet in time to provide relevant and timely content. Evondata that providesa cloud-based, platform business model can truly transform from forward-thinking, to forward doing.

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